Foreword from the International President

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a great honor but also a big responsibility for me to have been elected as the International President of the Georges Portmann Institute.The Portmann Institute that brings together under its name the disciples and friends of the ENT School of Bordeaux is the cradle of our profession. It carries the honorable title of one of the best schools in the world.

My numerous Ukrainian colleagues and I were able to share the achievements of the key figures of this school. We – specialists from different countries and continents – have gained the experience and the knowledge that they so generously passed to us all.I had the opportunity to be in training at the Portmann Institute twice between 1991 and 1994. Our group consisted of young doctors from Europe, Asia, Africa and both American continents.

The months we spent within the Portmann Institute family of ENT doctors allowed us to become saturated in an atmosphere of professionalism, limitless professional dedication and selfless endeavor in order to achieve perfection and conquer new heights in our specialty. It is with great anticipation that we awaited the course of our favorite Master, Prof. Portmann as he turned these lessons into a one-man show.

We were fascinated by his professional qualities, his erudition and his way of presenting complex material in a simple manner, reachable to all. We were present at each surgery to enjoy a true theoretical course with full explanation of his surgical plan, and possible solutions to the various situations, all complemented by his beautiful illustrations portraying the progress of the operation. It was the best period of my career, being implicated in this great healing art practiced by the Grand Master.

There was always love and respect which radiated from this recognized institution toward its students. Members of the Portmann Institute freely and generously share the fruits of their work with other colleagues without any fear of competition and plagiarism. It is truly a sign of the highest competence and greater generosity. Accepting the post of International President of the Portmann Institute, I realize how much the mission entrusted to me is important. I pledge to do my utmost to worthily represent the traditions of the Institute and promote its values ​​throughout the world.

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