Inverted papilloma ENT surgery of in Lille

Inverted papilloma ENT surgery of  in Lille

What is inverted papilloma? 

Inverted papilloma is a tumor fixed on nasal cavities and sinus' soft tissues. This benign tumor grows slowly and will cause clogged nose or sinus which might lead to painful superinfection. If you experience some kind of discomfort within your nose or sinus, the move is to consult your ENT specialist. Otorhinolaryngology physicians will inspect your nasal ducts and might have to perform a biopsy with local anesthesia to complete the diagnostic.

The inverted papilloma's cure is yet to be found. Hence, the only way to treat this pathology is to remove the tumor through surgery. Lille's ENT specialists are entitled to perform such medical intervention. Trained with Portmann Institute, the physician will conduct the surgery with the highest accuracy. 

Lille's ENT students and specialists willing to receive an inverted papilloma specializing education or an inverted papilloma surgery upgrading training can reach Portmann Institute to attend to a post-graduate ENT education. Please, use our online contact form and get further information on our ENT teaching staff and courses.